Belize Eco Kids Summer Camp Essay -2

In my opinion our world is starting to have a down drop, but it’s not like we can’t stop it! We have to stop  deforestation, burning fires, littering,we can also start using electric engines for cars!   We also have to stop killing creatures, there is a lot of endangered creatures out there, for example we have our beautiful Jaguars endangered, we also have the beautiful Keel Billed Toucan endangered, there are thousands and thousands of other creatures endangered!

We have to stop drilling for oil, because if there’s an oil spill there will be millions of animals killed by the oil, that’s a  sad ending for the animals!

There is also deforestation, it’s when we humans cut down trees for houses, hotels, motels, and much more.We need trees to live, they give us fresh air to breath! What will happen if they get away with it? will we die?

I don’t know and I don’t want to take that risk.

There is also the problem with fires, you see people burn their garbage, but some people out there don’t extinguish it causing it to catch on bushes, then to trees which will cause that whole neighbourhood to be set on fire if nobody puts it out, if  you light a fire don’t forget to watch it and to put it out!

The gas from the vehicles pollutes they air, goes up in the ozone layer and will destroy it, people out there should ride a bike, or if they are not that much of a rider they can switch to the new electric engine – it doesn’t harm the ozone as much as gasoline.

There are also boats, boats  pollute the air, they pollute the water, too

You can stop using your boat so much can help, you could also switch to a canoe or a kayak.

Littering is a big problem,but we can stop it if we put the effort to go over to the garbage and put it in there, instead of throwing it in the ground or in the ocean.

When we put our garbage, especially plastic bags, in the ocean our beautiful turtles think it will be jellyfish and eat it, they will choke on the bag and die.That would be a sad ending for turtles. That doesn’t have to happen if we put our garbage in the garbage bin.

Animals help our environment. For example worms. Worms help our plants grow, because of worms we have trees, fruit, vegetables,flowers and much more!

Here’s another example, we also have cows, cows also make our plants grow because of the manure, manure is a great source to help our plants grow, they have lots of nutrition for a plant!

Recycling is a big help! we can recycle a bottle can. Bottle cans take a great deal of energy to make, if we recycle bottle cans it won’t take up that much energy!

We can also recycle paper, they have to cut down trees to make paper so if we recycle paper we can save trees!

Reusing is also another big help! We can buy those metal bottles, we can reuse them over and over again. Instead of buying a bottle of water, we can take those metal bottles and get water from home then we could save our money!

Reducing is also a big help! We can reduce global warming.Here’s some ways how we can…

we can use less heat and air conditioning

we can change our light bulb to fluorescent light bulbs

we can drive less

we can use less hot water

we can buy energy-efficient products

and many more ways!

I help the environment, my name is Hannah Williams ,i am ten years old, i ride a bike and i consider myself of an Eco Warrior! When i grow up and when I have children of my own, I want them to experience the beautiful wonder with animals as we do today!

I think going GREEN is a brilliant idea and everyone should go green too if they want to save the beautiful animals and fight to stop Global Warming!

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  1. I don´t think the electric engine is a very good idea because it takes a lot of energy to recharge the battery. i love your esaay it is a good veiw of world changing experience and I am with you changing Belize and maybe even the world.

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