Belize Eco Kids Summer Camp Essay -3

Why I Want to be an ECO KID

I would like to be an ECO KID because I am sure your camp would be a memorable and educational one. As an adventurous person, I would enjoy the activities arranged to keep our young minds in awe. The same activities I am sure will also instill in us the sense of responsibility for our environment, our piece of the world.

It would be cool to hike or go horseback riding through the forests and watch the towering Mayan Sites. As I go along a trail, a lot of abundant flora and fauna would display an assortment of colors and life. How neat it will be to see the Helen Blue Morpho butterfly or maybe the colorful Ara Macao soaring in air, the White-lined and Collared Peccary or the Pantera Onca living in a pristine landscape such as Chaa Creek tends to upkeep.

I would love to help reach the goal of the three R’s: Reuse, reduce, recycle. Everyone must do never stop to do their part in saving Nature. I spent these last months collecting papers for my school’s annual recycling competition; in my mind it was for a good cause: we were helping to save some trees. At Chaa Creek, we could learn more on this subject, on the impact erosion causes on the forest’s soil, and even about the medicine we could get from plants. I get excited just imagining all the ways that Chaa Creek will show me to expand my information on biodiversity and on the three R’s!

How cool it will be as an Eco Greeny, to experience the natural surroundings firsthand with other kids. Combining knowledge for bettering the environment with an awesome, adventurous journey for kids is sure to make Chaa Creek the #1 environmentalist of Belize -for the world and me!

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