Vacation Sweepstakes- Essay#7

Belize Eco-tourism Vacation Sweepstakes

To the people at Chaa Creek and Belize, my son and I have been looking for an eco-friendly place to take a vacation next summer. My son is very eco-minded, went to high school which specialized in environmental sciences, in conjunction with the Minnesota zoo.
For his senior project, he revamped a local battered women’s shelters garbage system so that it was totally recyclable. He earned a community award for this. It is very important to us that Belize is conserving its vast rain forest. The rain forests are vital to so many species of plants and animals and birds. We also think think that it is the country’s best interest to promote visitors to the rain forest.
In this way they can see for themselves the beauty and mystery that is the rain forest. Chaa Creek has been a leader in the field of eco-tourism, and has won awards for this. That is why we would be interested in seeing how they have incorporated a program which also includes the local community. There are many different types of people blended in the region. I have herd that there is also a Mennonite community nearby. They believe in living in harmony with the land. I know because I have Mennonite relatives. We are also very interested in the Mayan culture, both ancient and present day.We would like to see some of the ancient city temples that are in the area. Here at home, I work in school as a teacher’s aide, it would be great to be able to back some of my new knowledge of this to the kids I work with. To show my appreciation for this I would love to donate a supply of pencils to the St. Andrew’s Primary school.
Chaa Creek is gorgeous place and we would be forever grateful for the chance to go there. I would love to see your beautiful butterflies and take a horseback ride to the organic farm. In conclusion, my son and I would like you to consider us as candidates for your new “Go Green Belize” program.

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