Why I Want To Be An Eco Kid

Belize Eco Kids Summer Camp Essay -5

I would love to be an eco kid because it is the best and most sensible way to live. When I consider how closely we human beings are connected to our environment, it seems wrong not protecting it. Everything in nature seems to depend on each other for its survival. All through primary school we were taught about food chains, and how animals and plants depend on each other. If we to destroy or neglect our environment then eventually we will destroy ourselves.

A great example of this can be seen in all the pollution which causes global warming. Sadly, humans seem to be more interested in making lots of money than maintaining a healthy environment. Just because oil is plentiful and can make so many products doesn’t mean that is the smartest choice for people to spend their time and energy in exploring. Just look at all the trouble that comes with this environmentally dangerous product. We have exhaust fumes from vehicles which cause acid rain, the possibility of oil spills such as the one in the Gulf of Mexico occurring right now and not to mention the worldwide wars started just because of oil.

Plastics may take many decades if not centuries to decay. These plastics find their way into our beautiful country of Belize, polluting our barrier reef and our irreplaceable Maya ruins, jungles and other natural habitats. The reality is that the world runs on oil products and this will not suddenly change overnight. However, we can cut down on how much we use these products by reusing our plastic containers and recycling our paper products to save trees and reducing how much we drive.

Living within these guidelines is the only right thing to do and that’s why I want to be an eco kid.

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  1. I love your essay and I think you can help change the world and change the environment you live in. I have wanted a person like you to enter and I think your essay is brilliant.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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