Belize Ecotourism Vacation Sweepstakes- Essay#14

My husband and I heard about Chaa Creek and would like nothing more than to spend our vacation with you in Belize! I was born in Argentina shortly after World War II, and since my parents moved to the US in the 1960s, I have never been able to return to Central/South America. I would like nothing more than to re-enter the vibrant Latin culture that I was raised in, if only for a short vacation. Spanish is my native language, and I would love to practice in a land where it is spoken by all.
My husband and I love snorkeling, hiking, and all sorts of adventure vacations. On trips to other tropical destinations, we have spend many enjoyable house exercising in the great outdoors together, and Chaa Creek sounds like an excellent place to continue this tradition. We love learning about the rainforest, but much of our knowledge is from TV and books. We would love to get an understanding firsthand of the wonders of this amazing part of the world and experience the diversity of life that abounds from within it. We are glad to be attempting to win a sweepstakes at a hotel that is so eco friendly and concerned with protecting the rainforest. Even the sweepstakes entry is virtual and paper free! It is the perfect combination of relaxation and responsibility for us, and I know that this will bring us lasting happiness in our memories.
In short, learning, relaxing, exercising and spending time in Belize are tip top on our list of vacation priorities. I do hope so very much that we are able to win. We could use this break from the hard work we have been putting in at the office during these tough economic times. It would be the perfect thing to brighten up our year!
Thanks again and again for everything.
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