Chaa Creek Eco Kids Camp 2010

The Eco Kids Summer Camp kicks off today. We have 14 excited eco kids who will learn about biodiversity, natural resource conservation, the ancient Maya, traditional healing, and the three “R’s” Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

Here is an essay that was sent to Mrs. Lucy Fleming by Jasmine Ford, an Eco Kid:

I have many reasons why I want to go to the Chaa Creek Kids Summer Camp. First I have known Mr. Mick and Ms. Lucy since I was three years old. My dad’s taken me to Chaa Creek lots of times and I love it there! Plus, I have never been to a camp before and it sounds like fun!

Some more reasons are to make new friends, to sleep in cabins, and to have camp fires at night. Then there’s the horse back riding, hiking and swimming activities during the day. I love talent shows and I’ve received lots of awards for my musical performances including song writing. I am an artist and I love crafts. I also want to go night hiking and tour the natural history museum & the butterfly farm. I also look forward to learning about natural medicine, preparing teas, and healing. I have a lot of experience in the jungle and I want to know the uses of the jungle plants.

For all of these reasons I am super excited to be a Chaa Creek Camp Kid!

To Learn more about Chaa Creek’s Eco Kids Camp, please go to Eco Kids Summer Camp 2010

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