Eco Ambassadors Quotes

Here are some cool quotes from the Eco Kids:
“I didn’t use to care about birds until I did a bird watching course at T.I.D.E. and after that event I saw the beauty in birds. Children need to be more eco friendly . Help with clean ups & stop throwing garbage on the ground, cutting down trees for fun.

~ Alyssa Coleman, Age 12

—“I also look forward to learning about natural medicine, preparing teas, and healing. I have a lot of experience in the jungle and I want to know the uses of the jungle plans”

~ Jasmine Ford, Age 10

—“I would love to help reach the goal of the three R’s: Reuse, Reduce & Recycle. Everyone must never stop to do their part in saving Nature. I spent these last months collecting papers for my school’s annual recycling competition; in my mind it was for a good cause: we were helping to save some trees.”

~ Nino Moreno, Age 11

—“Me, my mom and sister went to the manatee rescue center in Sartaneja Village, and I got to touch a baby manatee. Her skin felt really rough, but it was so cool to touch a baby manatee.”

~ Magdalena Gray, Age 9

—“When I consider how closely we human beings are connected to our environment, it seems wrong not protecting it. Everything in nature seems to depend on each other for its survival.”
—“If we destroy or neglect our environment then eventually we will destroy ourselves.”

~ Angel Castillo, Age 13

—“ I strongly believe that each Belizean should contribute to preserving Belize’s resources, however I can only be an example to others by first starting with myself”
—“…be exposed to the aspects of nature, the ecological environment and to participate in comprehensive educational activities that would encourage me to help other by informing them on the importance of conservation, preservation, recycling and other methods that could be useful in sustaining Belize.”

~ Janel Rodriguez, Age 14

What do you think about these summer camp quotes?

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