Belize Eco Kids Summer Camp Essay -7

“Why do I want to be an Eco Kid”

Our environment is the place where we live, work and play. I believe that it our duty to care for the place we call home and enjoy it as it is, in its natural beauty. I therefore want to be an Eco Kid because I need to learn more about the environment I live in so I can always enjoy it as it is today, tomorrow and always. I always hope for it to stay as much as it is today so that others may have the opportunity like I am to enjoy our environment with all its natural beauty.

I am sure that if given the opportunity to experience Chaa Creek I would be able to learn so much more about our environment, with all the of wonderful plants and animals that we have around us. I love my environment as it is, so I believe it is a great idea to teach kids about the environment and the earth from an early childhood age, because we will remember it for the rest of our lives. Another reason I want to be an Eco- Kid is because I love my country and all the beautiful things that it has to offer. We have beautiful Maya Mountains , wide gorgeous rivers, majestic Mayan temples and so many other things. All these things we need to protect and take care of our environment so they will be here for many years to come. 

Sometimes we kids go out there and create mischief. We need to stop that. Sometimes we might see an innocent little bird flying past and minding its’ own business when someone would get a rock and stone it. I didn’t use to care about birds until I did a bird watching course at T.I.D.E. And after that event I saw the beauty in birds. Children need to be more eco friendly. Help with clean ups and stop throwing garbage on the ground, cutting down trees for fun. Do stuff like use eco friendly light bulb, recycle plastic bottles instead of buying them and throwing them away.

I believe that Chaa Creek is the most ideal place to learn and experience an environment rich in various plants and animals. It is a place we can all have so much fun as well as using it as a learning experience for us. Many of us Belizeans do not experience Belize in its natural environment instead we sit in our living rooms learning about other places outside of Belize on the television. I wish to experience the natural environment of Belize through Chaa Creek. And therefore I look forward to being and Eco-Kid.

Thanks you for reading my essay and I hope you come to a positive agreement in choosing a winner.

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