Eco Kids Summer Camp Journal

It was an exciting and eventful first day at the Chaa Creek Eco-kids Camp. The first camp wake-up call rang unnoticed as most children were up and at them by the crack of dawn. Anticipation was thick as fog as shoes were located and teeth were scrubbed. It was their first day in the jungle. The Eco-kids were not about to let something as trivial as breakfast slow their pace! To the mess haul, no delay! For most of the campers, breakfast joined butterflies as sheer giddiness mounted.

After a brief encounter with their breakfast, the Eco-kids were led on their first field experience guided by a Chaa Creek naturalist Guide followed by a trip to the butterfly farm. By lunch time, excitement about butterfly pupae was palatable. Back at the mess hall, the fog was lifted and everyone seemed in a good place. it was clear that lifelong friendships had been forged. Stories of the first night became tales of adventure! Lunch tables were abuzz with tales of foxes, howler monkeys, and the imminent threat of jaguar incursions! The Fireflies mingled with the Blue Morphoes, and the Jaguars with the Howler Monkeys. The boys arm wrestled and told tales of fortune and narrow mishaps while the girls swore oaths and confided closely held secrets. All was well at the Chaa Creek Camp, despite the persistent threat of rain.

Lunch was followed by an interpretive hike with Eco-educator and boy’s councilor, Kimo Jolly. The children bounced along the jungle trails as Kimo discussed tropical ecology and conservation’s future. Wide eyed children gawked at armored caterpillars and leafcutter ant highways. Though the trails were muddy, the eco-kids were not deterred by rain. Camp manager Jackie Britt switched gears, and the Eco-kids, dried and recovered, transitioned to indoor activities that brought them through till dinner, when exhaustion set in. The Eco-kids would sleep soundly this night to the chirping melody of frogs, the buzz of cicadas, the patter of rain drops and the promise of another day at camp.

Sleep well mom and dad. Know that your children are snug in their beds, with tales of Chaa Creek foxes, dancing through their heads.

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