Responsible Travel in Belize

Belize Ecotourism Vacation Sweepstakes- Essay#13

In a world where vacationing and traveling is based on personal fulfillment, it is a breath of fresh air to hear about a travel option that is both beneficial to the traveler and to those whose land is being visited. The moment that I heard of The Lodge at Chaa Creek’s “Go Green Belize” travel option, I knew that I wanted to celebrate a green vacation in Belize. My fiancé and I love to travel, and we love to experience true culture instead of culture that is catered to our American heritage.

From everything I have heard about the “Go Green Belize” package, the local communities being visited are honored by their guests at the same time that they honor them. In my mind, this is the greatest way to learn about the world. Traveling should not be a one way benefit to the travelers, but should involve a symbiotic relationship between the traveler and the local community. This relationship will not only provide a great week long vacation, but it can also open travelers’ minds to the current state of our world in a way that motivates them to live the rest of their lives differently. This change could have a trickling effect through their relationships resulting in many more responsible travelers.

I love how the meals in the “Go Green Belize” package feature the seven ethnic groups in the area. It is also outstanding to hear that much of the food is grown on an organic Maya farm. These are just a piece of what The Lodge at Chaa Creek is doing to promote responsible travel, and I would love to visit Belize to learn more about how to become a more responsible traveler and a better steward to our earth. It is both exciting and freeing to find an opportunity like this to visit Belize in a manner which will enhance the lives of everyone involved in the vacation.

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