The Ancient Mayas

Today’s theme for the ECO KIDS Camp was The Ancient Mayas.

After the kids ate their delicious breakfast which consisted of refried beans, scrambled eggs, fresh fruits and fry jacks, they prepared to hike the trail that leads to the archaeological site of Tunchilen which is located within Chaa Creek’s 365 private Nature Reserve.

This Maya site is just a fifteen minute hike from the Macal River Camp but when the kids saw Mick Fleming in his Kawaski ‘Mule’ they begged him earnestly to give them a thrilling ride to this ancient maya site.

Arriving at the location, Joe Awe one of Chaa Creek’s most experienced and knowledgeable guide in Maya Archaeology gave the children a tour of Tunchilen. As the kids enthusiastically toured the archaeological grounds, Joe instructed the kids to imagine how the location would have been when the Maya Civilization was at its peak.

Tunchilen portrays similar architectural structure as Xunantunich and Caracol Maya Sites and according to Joe,the site is influenced by cardinal, mythological and symbolic meanings.

After the Tunchilen tour, the eco kids headed to the Lodge’s Conference Centre for a general lecture on The Ancient Mayas. Joe enlightened the kids by providing them with a succinct and exciting power point presentation on who the ancestors of the Mayas were, how they came to inhabit the area, and what they did for a living.

After the presentation, there was a Question and Answer session and not to be surprised, the kids being a smart bunch answered all the questions correctly and they even challenged Joe to respond to questions that they were inquisitive about.

The eco kids received an in depth understanding of the ancient Mayas and at the end of the presentation they were able to explain things such as the Bering Straight, the Paleo-Indians, The Maya Vegisimal System and even Maya Astronomy.

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3 thoughts on “The Ancient Mayas

  1. After reading the article I realize how much fun the ECO KIDS Camp is. Its amazing to see how happy and how interested they are. ITS A LIFE EXPERIENCE THAT THEY WILL NEVER FORGET.


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