Traditional Healing

Day three came to a start with the usual get go as the children ran excitedly to get their luscious breakfast and prepare for another adventurous day. The previous theme – The Ancient Mayas was so enthralling that it still remained in the back of their minds.

The theme of the day was Traditional Healing and the kids were very enthusiastic to be introduced to the different medicinal plants that are found within the reserve. The Chaa Creek Medicinal trail allowed the children to trek above the banks of the Macal River and explore the numerous medicinal plants and herbs that were once used in traditional Maya medicine. An experienced naturalist guide provided a detailed tour of the Ix Chel trails and Shahera, a senior Camp counsellor explained to them the different medicinal recipes that can made with these useful plants.

The Mayas were masters at utilizing the jungle’s natural resources for their practical and medicinal needs and it was essential for the eco kids to have the opportunity to learn about these medicinal uses. The eco Kids learnt about vines that store drinking water, plants that help abate malaria, aid diabetics; clean the blood, and many other fascinating plants.

After the medicinal tour was over, the eco kids were able to point out the special plants that could be used for treating an upset stomach, heartburn, cancer, skin & heart diseases and malaria. Modern science therefore is just catching up with ancient knowledge.

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