Vacation Sweepstakes – Belize Eco tourism Essay#15

Vacation Sweepstakes#15
Growing up in the near-wilderness of rural Michigan, I was one with the trees and the birds and the animals. It was a time of my life that is very dear to me, especially now that I live near and work in the big ol’ city of Chicago. The hustle and bustle of business people on their lunch break, the clack-clack-clacking of the Red Line overhead, and the screaming hobos make me wish I could escape to pastoral scenes like those of my childhood. That is why the Chaa Creek sweepstakes is so appealing to me and my hubby – we want to ESCAPE to a tranquil environment where we can just relax in the great outdoors, like humans have done for eons.
Though my husband is wary of jellyfish (ask us about the story!) we love to snorkel and explore on the ocean. We have an attitude about our health that is, well, let’s just call it modified-Western, and we would love to learn about the Mayan tribal methods.  We think that the wisdom of the ancients may be worth more than the book-learning of many of the doctors we have seen over the years.
We love a good hike, and butterfly and bird watching is grade A to us. We spend many a lovely hour walking around our home, though there are few butterflies but quite a number of birds. That is, unless we decide to walk on the local high-school track, where the birds and butterflies are replaced by empty Doritos bags and discarded water bottles.
I do hope we win this Sweeps very much. Chaa Creek sounds like a very lovely place, and we would love nothing more than to come down this winter, when Chicago is cold and blustery, to the tropical paradise in Belize. Thanks again.
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