Vacation Sweepstakes – Belize Eco tourism Essay#16

I have never been to Central America but since I have discovered the Chaa Creek website I am dreaming about going to Belize. This wonderful small country combines all the wonders of the world like stunning beaches, pre-Colombian sites or luxurious jungle.

I am also an active traveler and love outdoor sport especially in a healthy environment. I am a curious person and I will be keen to learn traditional healing, and discover the ancient Maya temples and at the same time relax in a comfortable luxury cottage accommodation.

I have studied sustainable tourism because I am interested in other cultures than my own and especially want to travel in places where natural resources are preserved and fair trade promoted. So I would be very glad to get involved in the Go Green Belize project to support the local community. I am also eager to enjoy the warm hospitality of the Belizean people and improve my English with them during this all-inclusive vacation.

If I win this stay I will invite my parents to come with me because they are also green addict and eat only organic food. They are dying to go to the award-winning Chaa Creek eco-Lodge that praises sustainable tourism and wish that all resorts were the same. Indeed, when working in Tahiti, they denounce the lack of environmental responsibility and social commitment of our country. They want to spend their time in a Lodge that respects humanity and nature.

I hope to explore a secluded place and have fun with my family. This intimate getaway will give us a lifetime souvenir and will allow us to escape and forget our busy life. I like this contest that is open to all countries and offer us the chance to have what we are looking for so bad.

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