I dreamed of traveling to the splendor of Belize

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My wife and I have dreamed about traveling to the splendor of Belize for many years now. It was supposed to be the site of our honeymoon, but that never materialized. We could not think of a prize than to be able to spend a vacation on the green vacation package at Chaa Creek! We are open to exploring the rainforest and all of the eye-opening experiences of Belize!
My wife and I heard about your great resort last year from friends of ours who spend their 25th wedding anniversary at your beautiful resort. Their eyes lit up as the talked about the snorkeling and the
rain forest medicine trail. I am thrilled about being able to take a guided medicine hike through it. I’ve always been interested in tribal remedies (I try to use them as often as possible) and will be
interested to hear about the Mayan methods for use in my everyday life. “Mind over matter” is what I always say, and perhaps after this trip it will be “Mind and Mayan Methods over matter!” We love conserving the rainforest, and try to be sustainable in as many ways as we can, by bringing water to work to carpooling on our commute.

We’d love to immerse ourselves in the culture of Belize through Chaa Creek. We know that Chaa is a great to explore the vibrant culture of Belize. This is a great offer for us in particular because it provides us with a much needed opportunity to relax in a responsible environment. We’ve been working hard recently – I’ve just accepted a new job and my wife is as hardworking as ever. As I would like to start saying: “Nothing recharges the old Duracells like a trip to Chaa Creek!  That place is the real Tabasco!” We would love to join you there as soon as possible!

Thanks for your consideration.
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