Vacation Sweepstakes- Essay#9

Go Green Belize Vacation Sweepstakes

How amazing to find a resort such as this…..With all inclusive packages for everyone imaginable, Wedding pacKage, Family Package and many more with a host of brilliantly planned things to do for each which can be customized to your individual taste and desires. I was struck with the location of this resort nestled on 340 acres over looking the macal river and the stewardship the owners have cultivated over the past 30 years. I was also attracted to the “Go Green Package” for many reasons like the trails of medicine for tradition healing, the local culture, sustainable development, and the environmental conservation. The carbon offset program and sustainable tourism is a key to this resorts success and being  mindful of there responsibilities through there obvious love of duty makes this a wonderful and first class experience. Since 1981 Chaacreek has been honored with many, many accolades and the most recent from Fodor’s only makes one relish there accomplishments foe such a beautiful resort as this that they have built. I personally look forward in planning a trip with my grandchildren soon so the can experience the nature history centre, butterfly farm and the local history of this once in a life time experience., I want to experience the Mayan ruins and enjoy the rainforest and see the beautiful birds, and maybe enjoy the exotic cuisine. My wife would enjoy the history and learn the local culture and explore the geology of the area, being a geologist she like to see the landscape and all the elements of a genuine rain-forest and the make up of the ruins. I would recommend anyone interested in a vacation that is conscience of there environment to check this resort out, with it’s carbon offset program , it’s commitment to sustainable tourism and the imaginable vacation of a lifetime for you or family to enjoy this is it. Your dream, your package, your once in a lifetime experience, this is it all in a quality first class package with a staff that caters to your every need. I totally excited about planning my family vacation and invite others to do the same.

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