A Letter From The First Prize Winner Of The Eco-tourism Sweepstakes

Here is a letter that we received from the first prize winner of the ecotourism sweepstakes.

Dear Chaa Creek Staff Members,

Below is a recount of my day August 4th 10 AM (Portland, Oregon time)

Today I brought my daughter to the train station after a brief rather
emotional visit, she had tears in her eyes as I turned to walk away…

She did not say why, but as her Mom I knew, she was worried, she could
see the sadness in my eyes.

She had just returned from her dads wedding, his life was practical,
safe, and secure (the very things that had driven us apart.)

I, however have always been driven by my passion, thrived on
adventure, and had created a wonderfully full enriched life.

Now once again, I am following my dream, this time is to heal others,
as my grandmother had.  She was a stoic woman, in a way
unapproachable, driven, and mysterious.

But, changing yor life mid sentence is not easy, and does not come
without a price, I am struggling, but I am following my heart…  And,
yes it has been a lonely journey thus far, but I have faith, and
believe that    “There  are no random events in life.”

Before she boarded the train, I kissed her forehead, and told her that
I have to follow my passion, it is all that I know. I told her that
soon she would be proud of me again, that just maybe I would win the
vacation at Chaa Creek and meet Dr Arvigo, I was going to become her
“Jungle Mom” and mimicked cutting through the jungle with a machete.
She laughed, and her eyes became bright again.

Yet, as I walked away from the train, my eyes welled up, for one brief
moment I longed for the practical safe way, it is so much easier…

12 Noon August 4th, 2010

I looked up toward the brilliant blue sky, ” I asked the Universe (God) to give me a sign as to what the next thought, word, or action,  so that I would know what my next step should be…”

And, God did indeed respond!

I want to thank you for the opportunity to experience the natural,
healing beauty of Chaa Resort, I must have been in line with the


Laura Stegner Pessolano
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