Adventures at Chaa Creek Belize

Hannah’s post-camp essay

By Hannah Williams

My adventure at Chaa Creek was absolutely brilliant! When I arrived I said to my self, “Wow this place is so beautiful, I’m going to have fun here!” I was so excited and quite nervous! I was going to meet new people and be away from my parents for the first time.The first person that I met was a girl named Jasmine.

Jasmine is a musician. She played the flute, guitar, and the keyboard!
Then I met my roomates Kaitlyn and Magdalina (Magie for short) and Rachel our camp counsellor! Our team name was called Blue Morpho , a type of butterfly.

Now the adventure begins!

On the first day all of us just settled in, we sang camp songs,  and played games.The next day was a nature day.

On the second day we went on a long walk to see the birds. We saw some Keel-Billed Toucan, parakeets, and other beautiful birds!

Then we went to the muesum. We saw how the mayans lived, the instruments they made,and different kinds of bugs and butterflies. Up we went to the butterfly farm, all the butterflies in there were stunning Blue Morphos! Butterflies did land on me,while we were learning about them! Then we saw the stages of the butterflies. First they hatch from their eggs (they’re so cute and tiny!) then they would grow bigger and bigger and they continue to grow until the are ready to go in their cacoon! They hatch, dry off their wings, and fly off!

When we came back it was Arts and Crafts we made our jungle journal. It suddenly started raining, so we started playing in the rain! We started playing games but it ended up in a mud fight!!

On the third day I found out about the mule (not the horse mixed with a donkey) it was like a jeep but much more faster! We went to the maya site, I loved the maya site learning new things about their culture. We were suppost to help dig up the mayan temples but the soil was wet so we couldn’t. It was amazing being where the Maya first walked.

Then we went back to the lounge where we saw a little slide show about mayans. At the end of the slide show we played a trivia game.  Back to the cabins. Then after showering and cleaning we had a camp fire! We roasted marshmellows, told

scary stories about a captain called Captain Cluck and how his spirit comes back to reclaim it’s treasure and then Captain Cluck returned (somebody was dressed up) and people went up to hit him!

On the fourth day we went horse-back riding, but before I jump to that adventure I have to start of the beginning of the day. We went on the medicine trail, if I ever get lost in the jungle I know what to eat, what to avoid, and if I get a sickness I know which plants to collect. There is a lot of medicine plants and trees! We also saw Black Orchids,

Mahogany, Wild Pineapple, and Wild Cherry! Then we had lunch. We did some Arts and Crafts, we made vases just the Blue Howlers team (Blue Morpho and Howler Monkeys) while the other team went horseback riding.

This was the moment I have been waiting for, HORSEBACK RIDING!
I got on a beautiful horse named Salsa, she was white with bits of orange and pink on her face, she was ADORABLE! I loved it when she galloped! We went through the jungle with beautiful views of mountains and big fields!

On the fifth day we went on the Mule  to the organic farm. Mr.Mick tought us about how  important worms were and how compost turns into black dirt rich and fertile. Over at the organic farm I heard of different plants, We planted sweet potatoes, we planted chocho trees, I also  brought some chocho back with me, it is growing great on the island to my surprise (despite the hungry iguanas)! We learnt more about composting. Did you know compost can only form into black dirt when it’s hot?

On the sixth day was horseback riding. I was in the beginners group and rode a horse named Sugar but, she kept on kicking because she was near a horse that she didn’t agree with, so I started to say I would like to ride on Salsa (the

horse I rode on last time) and they changed the saddles fast! (now that’s good service)
She wasn’t in the mood so I got off (i was really embarresed)Then arts and crafts. After we had dinner and dessert WE

That was my adventure to Chaa Creek

The part that I loved best was walking in the morning hearing those birds, looking at that beautiful view, watching all sorts of monkeys in the trees, and smelling that nice fresh air!

Since returning from camp I have been more interested in the Mayan culture, learning about plants, animals, how to reduce, reuse, and recycle, and to make this world a better place to live!

I will never, ever, forget Chaa creek, the people that I met, and my adventures!

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