Heather and Ashik for the Ecotourism Package!

Belize Vacation Sweepstakes Essay#19

My boyfriend and I were planning our trip to Belize today and noticed this amazing opportunity to be a part of an Eco-tourism package. We couldn’t think of a better way to spend our vacation than at the luxury resort of Chaa Creek learning to how improve and conserve the environment that we love so much.
This ecotourism vacation would be perfect for us because it combines our passion for traveling and aspiration to serve the community and ecosystems which we reside. We live our lives with the unrelenting determination to make a difference, but feel an underlying sense of duty to do more in our free time. That is why we want to take our travels to the next level. We want to take part in responsible travel and use our trips to preserve these eco-systems and assist the local communities who inhabit them. We can utilize our favorite activities such as hiking to learn about the Mayan culture and how they work to preserve the environment around them. A horseback ride or canoe trip will have so much more meaning to us if we understand the significance of the surrounding plans and wildlife species.
As you can see, we desire to be a part of ecotourism to honor and participate in the strengthening of these dynamic bonds. Our motivation and passion to create change grows as we evolve our perceptions of the world and the hidden links we all share.
This trip will not only impact us personally, but on a professional level as well. We hold degrees in Biology, Medicine, and Psychology – all professions that require a thorough understanding of the scientific methods used in environmental and community conservation efforts. We hope to apply our knowledge to gain a better understanding of the scientific exploration of various habitats of Belize.
Overall, we think this package would be a life-changing experience that will change they way we look at traveling and environment that we value so much. We don’t want this program to be a onetime experience, but the foundation of many future environmental journeys abroad and a way of life.
We leave for our Belize trip on August 31st, so hopefully we will hear from you before then. If not, we hope to see you soon in Belize!
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