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A few years ago, we visited the magic land of Belize and were enchanted by its beauty and diversity. Since we are divers, the main focus of our trip was Belize’s barrier reef, second only to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. As we dove, we understood why the explosion of undersea life draws nature lovers from around the world to its waters. In Shark-Ray Alley, we swam with these magnificent creatures and were awed by their grace. At the Blue Hole, a spot only few divers ever experience, another world opened up to us! Diving deeper than we ever had, we dropped into the Hole and were transported suddenly to an alien seascape, full of eerie sculptures carved by a nature which knows no bounds.

Later, we traveled into the rain forest and experienced another of nature’s wonders. From the sheer beauty of the trees, to the plethora of wildlife, we hiked in an almost trance-like state, opening our senses to all that Belize has to offer. The haunting call of the howler monkeys pierced our reverie and made us realize that beauty and mystery coexist in Belize’s landscape, scenes to be found in few places in the world.

In addition to the natural beauty of Belize, we experienced its storied past. The temple of Altun Ha lies in the center of the rain forest, and from its ruins, the Mayans still speak! Dating from its earliest settlement 200 years before the Common Era, the area was never completely abandoned by its indigenous people whose culture is kept alive even today by the local inhabitants. A jewel of the Mayan world, Altun Ha stands shoulder-to-shoulder with such famed temples as Chichen Itza and Tulum.

Now we have another chance to revisit the magic of Belize at Chaa Creek. The Lodge at Chaa Creek understands the way we travel not simply as tourists but as visitors to another cuulture into which we hope to immerse ourselves. Their philosophy meshes with our own world view, and we would welcome the chance to open our senses to the mystical aura of the Mayans and the loveliness of its coral reefs!

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