Rainforest & Reef Vacation Sweepstakes #1

Chaa Creek was the very first business that I started following on Facebook when I joined a few years ago, and it is the only business whose posts I read regularly.  I’ve never been to Belize, but have been dreaming of it for years … literally years.  The pictures I’ve seen of the beaches and the reef in Belize look to me to be the best in the world.  And to have that along with those amazing rainforests is almost unimaginable for such a small country.  I’m also fascinated by the ancient history and ruins in Belize.  I cannot imagine a better place to start my first ever (but hopefully not last) adventure in Belize than the fabulous Chaa Creek.

I really like the way Chaa Creek has designed their expeditions to include some active/physical challenges and some intellectual adventures.  I’m eager to learn more about both the natural history and the human history of Belize.  Chaa Creek emerges you in both the environment and the culture.

And can I just say that your jungle lodge looks magnificent!  Those lodges/cottages with the gorgeous wood floors and thatched roofs are amazing.  I can just imagine myself relaxing on your verandah with a nice cool drink after a day canoeing along the river … or hiking to Maya temple sites … or mountain biking.  And then going back to my Tree Top Jacuzzi Suite and soaking in a nice bath while listening to the birds outside.  Then I’d wake up the next morning to start another adventure … maybe horseback riding?  Or a trip down to the shoreline to soak up a bit of sun on the beach and do some snorkeling?  Chaa Creek offers so many choices, I’m not sure how I would decide, but I know that I would have to try EVERYTHING before I got back on that airplane and headed home!

Thanks for holding this great contest.  If I’m picked as the winner, I will be OVER THE MOON excited.

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