Rainforest & Reef Vacation Sweepstakes #12

I want to visit Belize with my husband of 47 years.  We love the outdoors and going on nature walks, so this would be the perfect vacation for us.  Staying at the friendly cottage atmosphere of the Lodge at Chaa Creek where we can relax and visit with other people interested in nature and in preserving our earth’s wilderness for future generations would be so fun and educational at the same time.
I was an anthropology major in college and studied the Mayan civilization, so going to the Mayan temple site really excites me.  We have visited several Mayan sites in Mexico, and we never tire of seeing the awe-inspiring Mayan sites with their intricate carvings and unique architecture.
We have never been on a canoe, but we are very adaptable and have no fear of the water, so canoeing on the Macal River would be a really fun trip.  We could see the huge variety of wildlife along and in the river up close and personal and take pictures that would last a lifetime and that we could share with our family, especially our grandchildren.
Our zoo in Portland has a butterfly tent set up every summer that we visit with our grandchildren, but it is  probably “small potatoes”  when compared with the butterfly farm that we would visit in Belize.  We always marvel at the variety of color and designs butterflies display on their delicate wings.  Watching them float in the air and gather nectar in the flowers is something I could watch for a long time.
Our city has no natural history museum, but we have been to the San Diego, California, museum of natural history and to the one in Washington, DC, so we know that we would truly enjoy the Natural History Museum in Belize.  There is so much natural history in Belize itself and in the world that make such museums one of the best types of tours.
My husband and I have made our backyard into a kind of natural habitat for birds and other small creatures.  In the summer, we sit on our back porch and watch the birds feed and get water out of our small pond.  We love bird watching, so the guided bird watching adventure would enhance our knowledge of the variety of birds in Belize.
Both my husband and I enjoy snorkeling, so I’m sure that we would be able to take full advantage of the snorkeling opportunity in Belize.  The freedom of being in the water, floating and swimming around while we view the colorful, exotic tropical fish that live in the barrier reef off the South Water caye in Belize would be thrilling.
We have visited Costa Rica and its rainforests, which were amazing.  We have read that Belize is even more beautiful with its spectacular rainforests.  The rainforest has the potential for providing the world with an array of medicines already discovered and waiting to be discovered.  The Belize Rainforest Medicinal trail tour would be extremely interesting and educational both in this regard and in the shear beauty of the three levels of life existing in the rainforest environment.  Hopefully, such tours help countries like Belize preserve this natural wonder.
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