Rainforest & Reef Vacation Sweepstakes #14

I want and would love to vacation in Belize and at The Lodge at Chaa Creek, because Chaa Creek is an award-winning Belize Resort that was rated one of the ‘World’s Best Places to Stay’ by Conde Nast, and belize is gorgeous. I have been married for three years and my husband and I haven’t had the opportunity to go on our honeymoon. Neither have we been other places due to never having enough money left to go on a trip.
We have been also under a lot of stress and the daily routine has arrived to our lives. Belize to me is sexy, exotic, and relaxing. I want this trip so bad! I feel that the location plus the resort is a great combination for couples to connect. I have been feeling that after 3 years the “magic powder starts to wear off”, and we need something magical like this to get us back to who we used to be. I really want to feel butterflies in my stomach, and would be so happy to reconnect with my husband, and be able to finally relax.
As I have read about the lodge at chaa creek there are so many ways to be connected to nature. I want to be outdoors, see sea animals, smell the fresh air, snorkle, explore the wild and come back renewed! I want to vacation in Belize and at this paradise resort because it will be an experience of a lifetime, an amazing time, it will make me feel better, it will bring my husband and I closer, we will have our first trip, it will be our honeymoon, and we will have so much to tell all of our friends and families about it! The place, the people, the activities, the nature, the food, the whole unforgettable time in BELIZE and at THE LODGE CHAA CREEK.
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