Rainforest & Reef Vacation Sweepstakes Essay#16

In the last year the economy has tanked not only worldwide but in the city I live. Unemployment hovers between 17-18%, the business I work at has seen sales decline by 75% for the last two years. When business is slow I am able to get online and look for some of the most desirable places I would like to visit when the economy picks up. I came upon Chaa Creek and noticed it had everything I was looking for:

Advertised as ecological green vacation away from the cement, parking lot, cars and people. Replace them with natural beauty, the sound of birds in the morning, a delicate ecosystem that is rich with learning experiences.
Fast food would be replaced with foods indigenous to the area. Exploring the Mayan ruins and culture that I’ve only read about in books. Replace traffic with peaceful waterways. Snorkeling and discovering sea life that would well rival my aquarium at home. To spends hours watching fish in their natural habitat and be able to touch them.

As I’ve been out of college for so many years and being able to read is a pleasure I would have continual learning experiences in the museum, zoo and just meeting the people in the area as well as  people who have travelled from all over the world to explore this tropical paradise. This dream will hold me until our economy recovers. But put me in a place where I can experience the beauty the earth was created with. Take home those photos on my computer to remind me of what is really important in life-Belize beckons me to not only visit but to return over and over. .

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