Rainforest & Reef Vacation Sweepstakes Essay#17

I’d like to vacation in Belize at The Lodge at Chaa Creek because I have been to Belize for one day in the past and would like to explore it’s beauty further,  Spending 4 night in a cottage, exploring it’s zoo, museums trails and farms would be even better than the hammock and snorkeling I’ve done there before. I bird watch from my sunroom in the Midwestern United States but could only imagine the birds in this rainforest. The temples, caves nature reserves are calling my stress filled name.

When I picture unspoiled beauty I imagine rainforests and reefs. The wildlife the sea life and the warm sands are waiting for me. I am looking for the intellectual challenge of doing an ecological vacation. So often in the United States we are removed from nature and put in the midst of technology and materialism. When one experiences nature we are transported back in time to another era that we only ready about in school here. This would be a true jungle experience. The culture and the archaeology have yet to be discovered in our travels and this would be the perfect place for our first green adventure. 

The previous recommendations in Conde Nast Magazine, National Geographic Adventure Magazine, Travel and Leisure Magazine, Top Ten International Eco-Escapes: Trip Advisor, and World’s Top Hotels & Resorts: Zagat Survey made this trip even more desirable to me. As our son is condsidering sites for a destination wedding we would like to explore there and give him our recommendations.

In the past I’ve rpeferred places that offer a certain level of comfort. Chaa Creek looks like it offers the energy and adventure that my husband likes with the beauty and comfort that I require.

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