My visit to Belize allowed me to love and appreciate nature at a deeper level.

My visit to Chaa Creek allowed me to love and appreciate nature at a deeper level. Chaa Creek is the perfect place for a tree huger that likes comfort. Their cabins have the perfect combination of comfort and nature. The big windows that allow you to hear the jungle in all its glory along with beautiful views from the balcony make it a perfect place to simply sit outside the cottage and relax, read a book or be mesmerized at the magnificence of the place. I live in one of the busiest cities in the world and silence to me is one of the hardest things to find. Chaa Creek provided me with silence…and being there truly allowed me to relax.

One thing I absolutely loved about Chaa Creek was that all of the activities that they claimed to be included , where indeed included and no extra hidden fees had to be paid, but the activities were all world class, with the guides being extremely knowledgeable and professional, and the equipment that was given to us was of the best quality. For example for the bird walks the guide carried some kind of giant telescope with him, and all the attendants were given top-of the line binoculars he also carried several bird books and it was clear that he knew his birds. On the night walk the guide carried anti venom and a first aid kit with him, along with a radio, we were given top of the line ( best brand available ) head lamps and the guide knew about all the night creatures, this walk was so good we did it every nite. For the horse ride, the horses were in excellent condition, the saddles and helmets were in great shape and our guide knew a lot about horses, the areas we went through and he even took us to a pyramid. The same was try for the canoe trip. Yes all of these were included and they were excellent.

The food was also out of this world, all the ingredients were fresh and the meals are comparable to best restaurants in the USA ( which I have been to). If you have the chance to stay at Chaa Creek, do it without hesitation. It is the best place I have been in central America and I hope to go there again soon.

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