Reasons why I want to travel to Belize

Rainforest & Reef Vacation Sweepstakes Essay#24

Belize is a nature lover’s paradise. Beautiful scenery, rainforests and beaches. Amazing native birds and animals. The climate of Belize is near perfect. Belize is home to wildlife reserves and sanctuaries, rivers, herbal trails, massive Mayan ruins and ancient pyramids that are still among the tallest structures in the country today, and a massive system of subterranean caves. With approximately 40 per cent of land classified as protected, the forests support a vast range of wildlife including five large cat species – margay, jaguarundi, ocelot, puma and jaguar. Bird life is also abundant with over 500 species recorded.

There is plenty to do for the entire family. A family trip or a second honeymoon. Nature tours, beaches, animals snorkeling and horseback riding for the family. Not to mention Fine dining.

The Belize Barrier Reef and three of the four coral atolls in all the Caribbean. This ocean playground offers much to explore and discover.

The Lodge Chaa Creek  offers a unique rainforest adventure in natural and safe surroundings. Situated in a 330-acre private nature reserve, it is well staffed and features spacious lawns and manicured walkways surrounding the cottages, dining and recreational areas. The miles of reserve trails are well maintained, yet offer an exciting view into the rainforest environment. The Macal River, which is only a short walk from the cottages and provides some of the best swimming and canoeing in Belize.

. Here are some more of the reason why I like about the Lodge at Chaa Creek

* Is one of the most awarded Belizean resorts

* Contributions towards sustainable ecotourism in Belize

*Providing rainforest vacations that are as educational as they are enjoyable

*Best Eco Resort  in the Caribbean for four years running.

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