Belize came into my mind when I was going through a stack of travel magazines with my lovely fiancé.

Rainforest & Reef Vacation Sweepstakes Essay#35

After hours of researching, trying to find that perfect place that fits all your romantic honeymoon fantasies without costing you an arm or a leg, or God forbid, all your marriage funds, Belize came into my mind when I was going through a stack of travel magazines with my lovely fiancé.

Being a typical guy, I was darting through the pages quickly, musing at the pictures of couples snorkeling in islands that were way beyond our budget. Of course, I wasn’t intentionally trying to be cheap on my honeymoon, but after looking at the prices compared to what you get, I felt like I could do better with my money. When I finished musing over the “South Pacific” chapter and entered the “Caribbean” chapter, Belize just stood out straight from the pages. Beautiful scenery with over-water bungalows illuminated by candle-light dinner… hey even I was beginning to get all emotional and getting the goosebumps, not to mention my fiancé. So, jotting down some website addresses and price ranges, I went home to research further.

Then my fiancé messaged me to take a look at what the Lodge at Chaa Creek was offering. The captivating Mayan culture, crystal clear aqua-blue ocean with exotically furnished lodges in the midst of rain forests were just like the pictures from those travel magazines. Only this time, this place is for real and tangibly priced.

Not only that, the Lodge at Chaa Creek was holding a sweepstake where two lucky people can get all the Belizean experience for free or at a discounted rate. Could it be a sign from God that my fiancé and I were meant to go to Belize for our honeymoon? The rainforest hiking trails, the Mayan pyramids, the sensational sunsets, the romantic dinner under Belizean sky… I sure pray that I might be able to give all of that to my love on our honeymoon.

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