Belize sounds like a place that is a must-see.

I would love to win this amazing trip to Belize because I love traveling and have been in many places around the world and Belize sounds like a place that is a must-see. I heard wonderful things about this country and to have the opportunity to experience all these adventures and witness the amazing natural and animal life and historical sites would be fantastic.
I did not know until now that Chaa Creek is an award-winning Belize Resort that was rated one of the ‘World’s Best Places to Stay’ by Conde Nast. Naturally, staying at The Lodge at Chaa Creek is an obvious choice, especially because of its location. I would love to go with my son because he is very much into nature, animals and history. He is only 5, but has traveled with me everywhere that I went, so this trip would be actually a dream come true for him as well.
Ocean and its creatures fascinate him and it would be amazing for him to see everything that is offered. I try so hard to save money so that he can be a little man of the world, and since I am not rich, this trip would would be such a blessing because money would not be an issue. It is very important for me to see the world as much as I can, because before you die, it is the people and experiences in your life that will be fondly remembered, and not how many cars, technological gizmos, jewelry…you accumulated.
Having a life rich with travel and being able to bring your loved ones with you is priceless and I am all for making more memories in new places around the world. Belize, with its beautiful coast line and a famous barrier reef, abundant  flora and fauna and amazing remains of the Mayas is one of the countries on top of my list to visit. The Lodge at Chaa Creek seems like a perfect place to stay and enjoy yourself, worry-free.
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