Belize Tourism Board Confirms Safe Capture of Loose Jaguar

Travelers, Residents Advised to Resume Planned Trips

BELIZE CITY, BelizeOct. 27 /CNW/ — As of 10:00 a.m. MSTWednesday, October 27, 2010, the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) is confirming the safe capture of a jaguar that was at large in Belmopan – central Belize – and is declaring it is now safe for travelers and residents to resume planned trips and tours in and around the area. The BTB is issuing this latest announcement as a follow-up to the U.S. Embassy Warden Message on October 26 alerting Americans of the escaped jaguar.

The Belize Forestry Department captured the animal late Tuesday evening in one of several traps set in and around the area. The BTB has confirmed that the jaguar became loose after Hurricane Richard uprooted a tree that created an opening in its cage. The jaguar is owned by a Belmopan resident who rescues and rehabilitates animals in Belize.

For further information: Yanick Dalhouse, +1-262-349-3900,, or Morgan Shelton, +1-312-933-7910,, both of bvk pr for Belize Tourism Board
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3 thoughts on “Belize Tourism Board Confirms Safe Capture of Loose Jaguar

  1. Why does BTB tell a partial truth to disguise its patent falsehood?

    The jaguar was killed in order to satify the “need” for “safety” in the area. No attempt was made to find an alternative.

    The BTB has used the image of a jaguar on its logo for a long time. Could you not have honored this magnificent creature by simply telling the whole truth?

  2. I agree with you Lisa and when will the owner of this animal be held accountable for the life it took. its all about the almighty Dollar for these people.

  3. Without doubt, Belize is a country rich in culture and scenery. Wildlife in Belize is of great importance, since it shows one of his most treasured landscapes have, making it a country of a high level tourist.

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