Eco Halloween costumes

Ever since my stay at Chaa Creek I’ve been in a green frame of mind – I think it must have to do with all the greenery around the place and seeing the concept of sustainable living put into action without sacrificing comfort or fun.

Anyway, since we’ve been back the whole family has been paying attention to doing things in a less wasteful way, and for this year’s Halloween we decided that instead of buying costumes we’d probably never use again, we’d use our imaginations to make our own costumes from stuff laying around or purchased from second hand shops. The point was to have a zero carbon footprint Halloween (and when you think about the manufacturing, dyeing, packaging and total transport of one costume, this was the best place to start).

The result? It’s been great. Our friends thought it was such a good idea that we’re having a “Black and Orange but totally Green Halloween” party that has really taken off. At home we’ve had two family costume making nights that brought out everyone’s creativity and enthusiasm and showed how many things you can make with stuff lying around home. Our daughter’s Real Raggedy Ann costume is surprisingly cool looking and everything came from the house. My son’s mummy suit? We didn’t need that old sheet anyway, and had fun cutting it into strips. We’ll smear on some mud and let it dry before the trick or treating and the party. He’s already enjoying it more than anything we could have bought.

I won’t take all the credit for the costumes – there are several good web resources out there – we got ideas from and , and there are more. The point is to use the time you would otherwise spend shopping for plastic garbage and instead use your imagination to recycle other stuff, create something different, and have fun together doing so.

I think the Chaa Creek green mindset has indeed rubbed off on us, so I wanted to share this with you and once again say thank you for a wonderful and instructive Belize vacation.

Happy Halloween!

Photo credit:GreenLifeStyleMagazine

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