I am in love with Belize and Its Beauty!

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By: Peter Denis
Eyes closed, I can smell my thatched hut, and hear the sing song of the rain forest awakening. I jump up ! So much to do here in the magical land of Belize:rain forest expeditions, ancient Maya temple exploration, snorkeling every free minute I have, and taking in all the beauty and mystic offered by Belize and Chaa Creek Lodge. The lodge itself being 365 acres of pristine Eco-system. I bless God for this day. To quote the Lodge, I am having the most intellectual and and physical stimulation’s of my life. I’m honored to be have accommodations at Chaa Creek…an award winning Lodge, with all its amenities: wonderful people and restaurants, enormous land to experience Belize, classes held on the teaching of Ancient Maya herbs, receiving ancient Maya abdominal massages, a jacuzzi for the end of the day relaxation. I need it !! After a day of exploring, hiking, viewing Maya ruins in sheer privacy, swimming in crystal blue waters and snorkeling, yes, I do need it.
My days are filled with learning about the fall and disappearance of the Maya, a great civilization that had magnificent knowledge of astronomy, mathematics, and calendries. Fascinating, that we are allowed to scroll through the ruins.
Nothing brings me more happiness and peace than blue,clear water–not too populated, warm tropical weather and breath taking beaches. I am in my element when I am snorkeling. In Belize their are atolls and beautiful coral reefs.
My life is blessed when I see a Belize Manatee, only found here and in the Galapagos Islands.
I am in love with Belize and its beauty, with Chaa Creek Lodge for keeping a pristine eco-system to surround it.
My wife and I are centered people. We live in the now. Everything is as it should be, and we more than enjoy our experiences..we live them. The remarkable breath-taking sites, sounds and anything that reaches out to the senses, would not be lost on us. We would cherish it.
We long to visit Belize and Chaa Creek Lodge so we can tell true stories of our time there. Oh, the photos we would take. The stories and memories we would have. It is, a huge dream of ours.

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