Naturally I think Belize and I are destined to meet

Since I accidentally stumbled upon your web-site recently, I have become fascinated and enamored with both the country of Belize and your inspirational eco-resort Chaa Creek. I’ am not a true believer in chance happenings, so naturally I think Belize and I are destined to meet, and this sweepstakes has given me a unique opportunity to achieve that desirable fate. Newly engaged, my fiancé and I have been looking for that perfect honeymoon destination, and perfect is exactly how Chaa Creek looks and sounds to us.

Of course we have not been there, but based on your website, the history of Chaa Creek’s humble beginnings, the stunningly beautiful pictures, the commitment to a culture of inspirational peoples, and the purposeful maintenance of a natural, eco-friendly way of life makes Chaa Creek our perfect dream honeymoon choice. Not interested in mass-market tourist spots, yet wanting to enjoy the luxury and beauty of a natural setting and have a unique adventure in the jungles and mountain trails of Belize, The Lodge at Chaa Creek inspires and excites us.

As an Agricultural major (I’am in my last year at Texas A&M University) I was particularly interested in the Mayan farms and your breeding program at the Butterfly Farm. Wow! These alone would be a fascinating experience, but in combination with the Great Barrier Reef, the sub-tropic jungles, the Mayan culture, the cayes and caves, and the vibrant ecology of Belize, makes The Lodge at Chaa Creek the ultimate experience with which to begin our lives together. I never knew much about Belize before, but your website has opened up a whole new world and sparked a new passion for discovering this exotic country.

Why would The Lodge at Chaa Creek be our ultimate vacation/honeymoon experience? We feel from our exploration of your web-site and informational movie, that we share a kindred love for nature and the outdoors, and a desire to experience this opulent natural haven infused with a rich culture has been born in our hearts. We are particularly impressed with the people working and living in Chaa Creek. Your movie was not simply educational, but we felt an admiration and respect for the ecological work and the pride your employees exemplify in their country, culture and heritage. The photos on your website were outstanding, but the people in the video presentation stole the show and sold us on The Lodge at Chaa Creek. We are ready to come visit. I hope fate plays our hand and we win this sweepstakes. But one way or another, Belize and Chaa Creek are in our future.

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