We have both done some scuba diving and would certainly love the opportunity to snorkle and dive in Belize.

My husband bill and I have  both recently retired and find we now have the time to take those vacations we were so busy putting off while we worked on our busy careers. My husband was in law enforcement (first as a new york city detective and then as a Senior Customs Supervisor)for over 40 years and  worked 60 hours a week plus  a 3 hour commute.

My schedule was not as bad; i only had a typical 40 hour week and a 2 hour commute. One week Caribbean cruises have always been our usual getaways and we have never had even more than one day in a port. Therefore, we have never had a chance to really experience a tropical destination. We have both done some scuba diving and would certainly love the opportunity to snorkle and dive in Belize.

We have also just started bird watching and would like to experience bird watching in a tropical environment. I would be curious to know if any of “our”  hummingbirds winter in Belize!  The other experiences offered in the trip sound wondrous as well:a visit to a Natural History Museum, and an experience at a Butterfly Farm. I am also very excited to think about exploring the rich Maya civilisation, including Temple sites. I am not sure what a medicinal trail is, but i do know that tropical rainforests are a major source of new drug products . Perhaps that is what a medicinal trail is in reference to. I am not sure what animals are native to Belize , but i am sure we would enjoy the trip to the zoo. I have not gone canoeing in over 30 years , but i am sure i would get the hang of it again, and if the boat tipped ….well, the water would be warm, wouldn’t it?

I visited the Chaa Creek website and am so very impressed at the accolades,especially the Best Eco Resort award. I think i would also relax in the spa . In fact, if we won this, i would have to extend our trip just to make sure we experience all that Belize and Chaa Creek have to offer.

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