Garifuna Settlement Day

Garifuna Settlement Day 2010

Tomorrow, November 19th is Garifuna Settlement day in Belize; festivities are celebrating all over the country but most popular in the south since most of our Garifuna people are situated there. This incredible day was founded in 1941 by Thomas Vincent Ramos and was established a National holiday in 1943.

This is an exciting day for many Belizeans and many people visit the southern part of the country to experience the vibrant culture as they display their vivacious music and extraordinary food. The celebration starts the night before November 19th as traditional drummers play native drums all night while everyone dances and enjoy themselves as the Garifuna flag flies proudly. The insignia of the flag are yellow, white and black which represent the sun, peace and the color of their people. On the 19th, early in the morning many of the Garifuna float into the shores in traditional custom-made dories as a part of the re-enactment of the original immigrant settlers who came to Belize’s shores. The entire day continues with exciting activities that institutionalizes everyone gathering together to listen to music, dance, drink, eat and have fun.

In Belize, the Garifuna have been very successful in maintaining their culture and heritage despite of how difficult preserving the culture is.

Andy Palacio is a very famous Belizean that was able to culturally promote Garifuna culture through music; he was able to tap into the worldwide music genre and become notorious as an ambassador for thhe Garifuna culture. His music creations are in his native language and have trendy traditional beats that allows any person that appreciates good music to marvel at its exceptionality. Unfortunately Andy Palacio passed away January 19th 2008 and his death was greatly mourned by people all over the world that had been able to know him either through personal acquaintance or through his music. His memory lives on through his extraordinary music creations such as his most popular album titled Watina.

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