I want to go to Belize to learn about the cultures and history

I want to go to Belize so that I can learn about the cultures and history of Belize. I would also like to learn about the wildlife such as bugs, birds, lizards, snakes, and some of the plants used for medicinal purposes. This knowledge could help me later on in life because I would be able to recognize weather something is poisonous and deadly or safe to touch or eat.

I would like to explore some of the caves found in Belize and find out how they were formed. I would also like to explore the coral reef and study the water life that lives there. I have been in two science and nature programs. The first one is called EKOTEK. In ecotek I have learned about the different parts of the brain and heart. I leaned about the different parts of D.N.A and what it stands for. I even got to participate in an actual human brain dissection. I also participated in the model U.N which took place in New York. I got to meet with ambassadors from all around the world such as Mali, Australia, Bahamas, America and more.

I later participated in the U.N debates to debate the topic of how mega cities affect Mali. I have written many reports on animals like the Russian tortoise, frogs, snakes. And tadpoles. The other nature camp took place in Virginia. I went out to a stream and caught and learned about things like toads, crayfish, fish, and all sorts of water bugs. This experience could help me pursue my career as a zoologist.

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