A Belize Mystical Experience Needed

I have never been to Central America and it would be a dream for me to visit Belize in order to know more about the local culture and traditions of pre-Columbian societies. Indeed I am currently studying the myths of the 3 Americas and I am particularly interested in the Amazon myth but also in the importance of tobacco as a way to communicate with the Gods.

Wonderful Belize is the metaphor of paradise for me since it offers educational and healthy activities. This wonderful small country combines all the wonders of the world like stunning beaches or deep rainforests. Certainly, Ambergris Caye is an ideal place that also deserves a visit.

I am willing to see endemic birds to immerse myself in the exotic jungle or to canoe on the Macal River to forget about civilization and be a real adventurer.  However I think at the end of a day- trip I would like to relax in a beautiful spa or in my luxury cottage in Chaa Creek.

As an eco-responsible traveler, this is Chaa Creek, an environmentally-friendly resort, that fits my needs best. Indeed Chaa Creek praises green tourism which is essential to protect Belize which is a real gem. I am interested in other cultures than my own and especially want to travel in places where natural resources are preserved. I am also eager to enjoy the warm hospitality of the Belizean people during this all-inclusive vacation.

If I win this journey, I will enjoy my stay in mysterious Belize to the full by visiting Maya sites while enjoying the comfort of a luxury accommodation. I hope to explore a secluded place and have fun with my family. This intimate getaway will give us a lifetime souvenir and will allow us to escape and forget our busy life.

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