Why I want to visit Belize?

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By: Jayson Biadog

The Answer is why I like to travel, for sure Why not? Because traveling is such a pampering, relaxing and rewarding activity for each an every one of us. Visiting Chaa Creek make me feel so complete after a year job well deserve vacation; I mean I really like to travel international to explore the world. Traveling makes my life complete and reason for us to exist. Who doesn’t like to explore the beauty of the World anyway? Good thing that with the guide and story to Belize travel blog with adventure travel in the area which I never been explored. That i desired to go into the next couple of days on my time-line travelogue in this beautiful country with lots of wild life and rich natural resources.

Belize Zoo was quite exciting reminding me of the movie Jumanji and Disney. Visiting its museum makes me wonder what world history has to offer. Canoeing in Macal River looks very interesting in my active sports lifestyle. Guided visits to the Natural History Museum, Butterfly Farm, and Belize Rainforest Medicinal Trail was quite challenging. Guided Early Morning Bird Watching was quite exciting. Tour to Belize’s Mayatemple sites, sacred caves, or nature reserves makes me wonder what a wonderful world to explore. And Snorkeling tour to Belize’s magnificent barrier reef off South Water Caye makes me thanks God for my wonderful dream to be true creation.

Well then i said to myself when i explore some exotic place. What a wonderful, beautiful Belize and Chaa Creek? Like the famous Song What a Wonderful World! I see skies are blue … b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l… i don’t want to finish the song so emotional just finish it on my mind when i reflect on my travel ok?…i just want to experience traveling with a cool guide of exciting moments of Chaa Creek.

So when i get stress out or wanted to relax i think where’s the next spot? Where in the World? The Chaa Creek, the adventure, the cool event, the sports contest, action adventure non stop trill? Oh what a life!! Get ready for the next adventure Travel-holic and Backpackers!!

This 365 acre private nature reserve at The Lodge, Chaa Creek surrounded by great nature ecosystem captures my attention and dream to travel to, so exciting me.

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