Belize – A Hidden Gem in Latin America

To be honest I didn’t know a whole lot about Belize before. I live in Toronto, Canada and I think too many people here are caught up in the quick and cheap vacation options usually offered such as cookie cutter trips to Florida, Cuba or Dominican Republic! I have been fortunate enough to travel to Europe, Mexico and a few caribbean island destinations. Those trips have all been great but sometimes still lack that “unique” factor or adventure.  I came across some information on the Internet a little while ago about Belize and almost instantly fell in love without ever setting foot there. From looking through tons of photos and watching many videos on Belize it truly seems like a hidden gem in Latin America. I haven’t known anyone personally who has every travelled there but it seems as if it would make for such a perfect vacation destination…sort of “off the beaten path”.

Considering the details of this contest it seems as if winning this prize would make for the most absolute perfect first time visit to Belize. To have the chance to stay in a beautiful resort, be treated to wonderful meals, canoe the Macal River, visit Maya Temple, caves, barrier reef, the Natural History Museum, Butterfly Farm & Rainforest Medicinal Trail would truly become a once in a lifetime experience. The photos of the accommodations at Chaa Creek actually took my breath away! They look as if they’re something from a dream. I can’t believe a place like this actually exists. I’ve also never been in the jungle before! I could just imagine how incredibly fascinating it would be to walk through such a pristine ecosystem and hear and see all of the species of animals and birds. It must feel as if you’re in a movie. Must feel larger than life and surreal!

I would love to travel to Belize with my husband and be able to share our wonderful trip experience with all of our friends, family, coworkers and everyone who would listen. I hope we get the chance to see this beautiful hidden gem and I hope we get the chance to see Belize through this once in a lifetime contest experience

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1 thought on “Belize – A Hidden Gem in Latin America

  1. Something about reading your story makes me think you and husband would really appreciate this dream vacation. Crossing my fingers for you both!

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