Belize. Just hearing the name arouses the mind.

Belize.   Just hearing the name arouses the mind.   If we were fortunate enough to experience Belize, we believe there is no better place than the Lodge at Chaa Creek.  Because of its British Colonial Heritage, Belize is the only country in Central America where English is the official language, but that is just a scratch on the surface of the rich history and culture of Belize.  Having been fascinated by archaeology as a child, visiting the Maya ruins and ceremonial caves near The Lodge at Chaa Creek would be like opening a doorway to a culture from long ago.  We couldn’t imagine a better way take in these experiences than starting each day in such a well appointed eco resort completely encompassed by raw nature.

I can imagine myself at the Lodge at Chaa Creek with my camera, taking pictures of moments I’ll talk about the rest of my life.  Some days I would enjoy exploring, or maybe doing nothing but laying in a hammock, listening as the symphony of jungle sounds lulls me into an afternoon nap.  And when I awake, is there any better way to begin an evening than enjoying organic Jungle Cuisine in their romantic al fresco dining room by candle light?

The Lodge at Chaa creek has something for everybody.  Kayaking and spelunking for the adventure lover.  Archaeology for the history buff.  Exotic birds, animals, and vegetation for those looking for an exotic jungle getaway.  Fine dining and wines for culinary fans.  World class spas for world class relaxation.  Organic, sustainable ecotourism for those interested in protecting the environment.   And carefree days without stress, pollution, or any of the toxic effects of modern life.  I could imagine leaving the Lodge at Chaa Creek feeling rested and rejuvenated, my mental batteries recharged and ready for life.  Yes, the Lodge at Chaa Creek is in Belize, but it also defines Belize.

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