Rustic meets luxury, said our driver, and he was right!

I cannot say enough how wonderful this Belize resort is! The staff were absolutely fabulous, enthusiastic and tremendously thoughtful and sweet! They make it what it is! The beds were heavenly, I’m still dreaming of going back to bed there! The grounds were gorgeous, private and spacious, and very well maintained. The food was phenomenal, especially for vegetarians.

Mom and I were traveling there to fulfill her wish to see Belize and to see the rainforest, and she is a vegetarian and had been recently ill. This resort took such good care of us that we rested very well and Mom was able to recover wonderfully! The showers and bathroom were lovely and the room was just wonderful – open air (screened), porch, ceiling fans and soft, soft bedding. No locks, no keys, no tv and no phone, just the sounds of nature – birds, howler monkeys and all that! (Well, you could lock your room from the inside while you slept.) There was a safe large enough to hold valuables and a laptop.

No cellular service, yeah!!! But, there was a computer in the conference center that had internet if you wanted to touch base with anyone. The pool was beautiful, the bar was lovely with a great selection of drinks + plantain chips to accompany your beverages. The spa which is a short hike away was awesome!!! The owners of the resort and their daughter who owns the spa made every effort to make sure my mother was comfortable throughout our stay. The spa was wonderful and the prices very reasonable for great services! The medicine trail and butterfly center were very educational and interesting and were free to guests staying at the resort.

The staff was completely willing to tailor our tours to our desires. The resort does make you prepay and does automatically charge you a 10% gratuity for the staff, but this is a wonderful thing for the staff. You can always tip more (which I did generously) for exceptional service (which it was throughout). The owners have a savings/investment plan for their staff based on the tips earned, and they do provide health care for their employees. Everything that is eaten in the on-site restaurant is grown locally or produced locally, sometimes on their property. The owners took a lovely philosophy and turned it into a dream come true for their resort. Again, I emphasize that words are not enough to do justice to this place! I hope to return there one day, and then try out many of the adventure activities offered with the resort as well.

Source: Trip Advisor

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