The Kriol Brukdown

Do you know  the music of Belize? The music of Belize has a mix of Kriol, Mestizo, Garifuna and Maya influences but in this post we will be talking about the Kriol Brukdown.

The “Brukdown” is a popular style of music created by Belizeans Kriol. According to historians, the evolution of brukdown can be attributed to the music and dance of the loggers, especially the buru. The buru was satirical in nature and was accompanied by a donkey’s jawbone, drums and a bajo.

Today new instruments like bass guitar, electric guitar and congas have been added to brukdown and the music remains a rural and rarely recorded genre.

Below is a video on Mr.Peters, an uncontested King of Brukdown. The name of the song is “Run Fu Yu Life” which means  in English “Run For Your Life”. Enjoy!

To learn more about Mr.Peters, go to “The King of Brukdown”.

Photo credit: Belize Travel Radio
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