The Race Has Begun..

Nestled deep in the Mayan jungle, untouched by modern man, lays secrets known only to a few ancient tribes within the region.  More mysterious than the ancient sinkholes, more mystical than the Mayan temples, and more captivating than the setting sun over the jungle canopy, some spectacular form of divine grace awaits. 

Sworn to protect the forbidden knowledge, the tribe elders have decided the time has now come for the tribe’s people to reveal their treasure. According to tradition, after centuries of darkness, the stars have fallen into alignment, illuminating a skyward treasure map towards what some have been told is the Sun’s earthly replica, the lost city of gold.  Few scientists hold the key to decipher the ancient map. It is crucial that these findings are reported to the scientific world as they hold secrets that can help save the planet in such times of need.  Unfortunately there are forces at work that wish to conceal such findings, and use these secrets to increase their own power, keeping the world in darkness and chaos.

As a long time student of the ancient religions of our planet, I have been selected by the ancestral spirits of the nether world to unearth what lies beneith.  Contacted by the tribe elder’s in my dreams; I must now make my way to the jungle.

Help me on my journey to discover this forgotten land, and bring its message to its rightful owners: the people of the world. Your lodge will be my base camp, as me and my team of explorers will trek deep into the heart of the unknown.  Chaa Creek has been watched over since its conception, knowing it would play a major role in the discovery of this divine message. Lets work together for the betterment of the planet, its plants and animals, and mankind.

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1 thought on “The Race Has Begun..

  1. Get past the grammetical error in the first sentence (“lays secrets), and a few punctuation errors throughout the body, and it makes for compelling reading. Overall, a good story.

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