Belize is a birders paradise.

Belize is a birders paradise. Over 12 species of parrots call Belize home including various Macaws, Amazons, and a variety of Parakeets. I have been rescuing parrots and other birds and providing education about our avian friends for over 10 years and a trip to the Lodge at Chaa Creek would fulfill a lifelong dream of observing these magnificent sentient creatures in their natural habitat.

Feast Belize

Belize is abundant with seafood. Fresh fish, lobster (when in season), shrimp, and conch are widely available, especially in the beach destinations. Ceviche is a must – a cold marinade of fish, conch, and/or shrimp “cooked” in lime juice and seasoned, served with local tortilla chips. Conch fritters are also commonplace…. and deliciously moreish. Rice and beans is a big staple, often cooked in coconut milk and served with stew chicken, stew pork or stew beef. These Creole recipes are rich stews that get their color from a broad mix of spices, as well as red recado, which is made from annatto seed.