A Girl Can Only Dream

“Hey Pam,” I yelled across the room at my daughter. “Do you remember when we were researching our trip to Egypt that we kept stumbling over stuff about the Mayan ruins?”

“Yeah?” My daughter replied cautiously.

We were both on separate computers and although I couldn’t see her, I could hear that her typing had stopped.

“Why?” she asked.

“Oh, I’m just wondering…” I replied as I looked again at the website on my computer screen.

“Why do you ask?” She persisted.

“Well, there’s this writing contest where I could win a trip to Belize. It’s where those pyramids are that we had been reading about.”

“Is that in South America?” I could tell she was getting excited. My daughter had this idea in her head that she wanted to travel to every continent. So far, thanks to our most recent trip to Germany, Holland, Egypt, Israel, and Jordan, we have marked off, Europe, Asia, Africa, and of course counting where we live, North America.

[pullquote]“Actually, Belize is Central America. It’s right next to Mexico. In fact, it’s right between us and your dad!”[/pullquote]

“Actually, Belize is Central America. It’s right next to Mexico. In fact, it’s right between us and your dad!”

My husband was currently in Panama on business and his trip photo’s that he had recently sent us via email and Facebook had caused my 13-year-old daughter an extreme case of wanderlust.  It had been 8 months since our return from the Middle East and we were anxious to make another trip!

All this craziness for travel started with the book, Material World. Upon the recommendation of a friend, I purchased myself a copy from Amazon. It was a glossy photographic book that gave us a glimpse into the lives of 30 families around the world. Even more fascinating, each family would stand in front of all their material possessions. From rich to poor, each family represented their culture, education, income, and their dreams for the future. With each fascinating page that we turned, we hungered for more information. I’m not sure when the idea struck, but I knew that we wanted to experience more than through books and movies. We wanted to explore the world with all of our senses!

It was while we were researching our trip, that we kept stumbling over information about the Mayan culture and how it was very similar to the ancient Egyptians.The mathematics, the astronomy, and the art of both the Egyptian and Mayan cultures wowed us. Yet, unlike the yellow desert sand of the Sinai, Belize offers the green lushness of the rain forests and caves. As I’m remembering the Nile River, I’m thinking of that beautiful canoe ride on the Macal. Oh how we had wished we had snorkeled the Red Sea! Maybe someday we’ll snorkel the barrier reef at South Water Caye!

There are so many educational, archaeological, and inspirational reasons why I’d love to travel to Belize. But of course, this is a contest. Could I really win? I’ve never been lucky when it comes to having my name drawn.

I’ll never forget that morning when I had sat on a boulder facing the pyramid of Giza. It was an amazing feeling to have my dreams come true.  When a person’s eyes are closed, they can be anywhere they want to be. That day as the pyramid towered above me, with my eyes closed, I felt like I was in my backyard. Perhaps someday soon Belize will be in my backyard too. A girl can only dream.

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