Belize Has Tons to Offer

I am writing to you today in high hopes that my fiancé and I are selected for the chance to win the trip to Belize. Here is our story:

We  are a young family with 3 young girls aged 8, 5 and 10 months. We devote are lives to please them and give them everything they want and/or deserve which means no time for us. Neither one of us has ever traveled any where and we would really like a chance to visit somewhere as relaxing and enjoyable as Belize where we can spend some quiet, relaxing, and romantic time together.

We both really enjoy outdoors and nature which Belize has tons of to offer to us, and I belive this trip would entitle us to have some relaxing alone time which in what we are in dire need of. I am a stay at home mom and my fiance works long hours to support us and we would not be able to take a vacation and afford it with out cutting out on daily needs. Hence I believe we deserve this trip with the relxation and rest as well as time to us and what better place to do so then.

Belize where the sun is shining and the water is flowing and where we can let our mind be free while laying on the warm soft sand. I will leave it at that. Please give us the opportunity to explore because im not sure if there’s anyone I know that could agree more that we deserve and should win this trip and have the most amazing relaxation time and have the chance to do many thing that we have always dreamed of like putting our feet in the edge of the water, snorkeling to see what we can see in the most amazing water,being able to see different animals and reptiles that we have never seen.

Since I was a little girl I had always wished to see the rainforest and now may be my opportunity. well i will leave it at that and wish on every sate that we see that you give us the chance to explore what you have to offer here thank you so much for taking your time to read our story.

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