I Want This Vacation Package So So Bad

I want this Vacation package So So bad…..Yes, a place free of McDonald’s and any other recognizable landmark that resembles the multitudes of vacation resorts that seem only a slight drive from home and are cluttered with soles of unlike interest and imagination.

I want to think outside the box and believe I have found the resort spot of a life time, Chaa Creek Resort. When you really want to explore life and all the adventures that are without a doubt totally uncommon and different but fulfills the unending energy and imagination that can be easily pried from that asphalt surface mentality that you get with home grown vacation spots, this is it.

A truly unique spot that has a reputation of one of the finest ECO resorts in the world that can be catered to suit anyone’s taste for adventure. The numerous awards Chaa Creek has achieved is just reinforcement and a testament to the quality of this resort and it all inclusive vacations that are offered. Myself and my science teacher, geologist wife wanted a vacation that would engulf our grandchildren desire to explore the venues of life outside the iPad and social network. We found that Belize was a gift that has been carefully designed to have a minimal impact on the nature environment and has avoided the Disney World atmosphere with its water slides and plastic figures plastered about.

The problem with all the opportunities Chaa Creek has is which all inclusive vacation package do we chose first.  I found a family vacation for us, a eco kids summer camp for them, and for our daughter the honeymoon vacation package for the newly weds.

This is only the beginning, with dozens of options and a life time of choices we can come back year after year exploring something we haven’t already, like the Maya  all inclusive package where you can stay in a thatched cottage, explore caves and look at the diverse ecology. All this of course within the 365 acre nature reserve along the banks of the Macal River. Yes, this is paradise and not Florida. Expand your horizons and explore this wonderful ECO vacation spot that has it all…….

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