I Want to go to Belize and visit the Great Blue Hole

I am a traveler but I prefer to go to the less traveled route, while it is still less traveled. I want to make it a more traveled route by showing people what treasures I find in some place they have never heard of before.

This is my story I tell over and over to people I meet. To be a travel blogger and to show the world places they never thought was possible has always been my dream. I want to be the bridge that connects local culture, rich heritage sites and beautiful people to the world.

I want to go to Belize and visit the Great Blue Hole in that same trip because it’s the first and only location that came to mind when I heard about Belize. If I win this, I might just be convinced to throw away my fears and never be scared of fish and the deep blue sea again.

To be able to dive in this UNESCO heritage site or to have a glimpse of the mystery behind the hole in person would be an ultimate moment. Apart from the Great Blue Hole, I discovered through Chaa Creek that Belize boasts of rainforest and natural reserves, sacred caves and Maya temple sites.

Who wouldn’t want to be Indiana Jones or Dora the Explorer for a change? I would want to be the next Lara Croft or Tarzan if there is time to talk to the Belize wildlife. I’m going to be the stuff of legends (online is fine). I am sure I will find lots of treasures, both living and non-living.

To the board of Chaa Creek Limited, thank you very much for this prize. You’re the first wonderful Belize-ians I ever knew. I am looking forward to four days of guiltless adventure with you

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