Pristine seas, a warm breeze and affordable fees – this is Belize!

Pristine seas, a warm breeze and affordable fees – this is Belize — sure to please! And there’s something to tantalize the nature lover in everyone – on land, sea or air.

Land lubbers everywhere will be awed by thrilling adventure tours — to sacred Maya temple sites, in deep hushed caves, at special nature reserves, or there’s even a unique rainforest medicinal trail!

There’s no telling what you might discover as you explore Belize’s fascinating concentration of rich Maya archaeological sites, sure to please the amateur historical anthropologist in all of us.

Museum lovers will want to spend a leisurely afternoon perusing the sights and sounds at the Natural History Museum.

However, if being thrilled by water activities is more to your liking, you can choose to meander in a canoe down the picturesque Macal River in the foothills of the Maya Mountains, surrounded by one of the world’s most pristine ecosystems in the world, or take an exciting snorkelling tour of the magnificent barrier reef off South Water Caye to experience a variety of colorful tropical fish and other unique sea life.

And finally, if the air appeals to you, then local bird watching is a must, or you can visit a beautiful butterfly farm, not to mention just breathe in the fresh, and lush tropical warm Belizean breezes.

You can choose from many of Belize’s premier eco-resorts, like The Lodge at Chaa Creek – an amazing 365-acre private nature reserve in the Heartland of the Maya – which has been hosting environmentally responsible adventure tourism for 30 years. Here you can lounge around in your luxury accommodations while sipping refreshing tropical beverages by the pool, or dine in elegant surroundings and enjoy romantic candlelight meals.

There are a bazillion reasons why to experience Belizean adventures and romantic sojourns in this amazing southern retreat and exotic vacation destination!

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  1. Nature has already blessed the Vietnam with its various beauties with a bountiful harvest of soaring mountains, radiant rice fields, and a killer coastline and really Vietnam is a cracker.

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