We would be thrilled to win this vacation

My family and I would absolutely be thrilled to win a vacation to Chaa Creek. We had a very tough time as a family last year due to my husbands unemployment and the financial stress we had to deal with on a daily basis.

Money is a huge stress and we ordinarily would never be able to take a luxury vacation. My husband and I got married very young and were never able to afford a honeymoon. This year in June will be our 10th Anniversary, and it would be so wonderful for us and our family to win the honeymoon we have been hoping for so many years.

This year I also will be turning 30 years old and I would love to mark this year with something as wonderful as a tropical vacation. As a family we love the outdoors, hiking and spending time in nature is our favorite pass time we try and live our lives being conscious about our impact on the natural world.

Chaa Creek looks like an amazing paradise, I got a tear in my eye when I visited the website, winning a trip to Chaa Creek would be an absolute dream come true. Thank you ever so much for this opportunity.

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